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Where is COVID-19 Surging in the US?

At this point, it seems like we have been living in the midst of a pandemic since forever. Now that the virus is settling in, people’s mindset about the virus is changing. People are not that scared of the virus anymore. 

Currently, in the US, around 4 million people contracted the virus, and approximately 148,000 people have died because of the illness. However, nearly two million people have recovered from the infection. In fact, many of them recovered from the virus at home without specialized medical care. 

For this reason, many ex-corona patients are planning summer trips, outdoor recreational activities, and other casual activities. Conducting all these activities is not a bad idea.

However, people need to be mindful that cases of the virus are still surging and that the COVID-19 curve is not flattening at all. 

Where is the Virus Surging the Most?

Currently, the virus is surging all over the world. But the U.S has the highest number of COVID-19 positive patients across the globe. When the virus was only getting in the country, the U.S planned to take help from European countries. However, the world is in such an uncertain situation that other countries were not able to help in the desired way. 

To see if the virus is surging in your state or not, it would be best to check your area’s heat map. It is the most efficient way to keep track of the virus.

 However, if you are planning to go on a vacation in the South, West, Middle West region of the area, think again. That’s because the virus is surging dramatically in these areas. Experts predict that the number of cases will rise further by the end of July 2020. 

Nevertheless, experts suggest that people avoid going on vacation. In a nutshell, it’s because we currently do not have any vaccine for the COVID-19 virus. It would be best if you kept yourself and your family safe from the virus. 

In these circumstances, you should stay home and get you and loved ones tested. 

The COVID-19 virus is brutal and targets people with weak immune systems the worst. Therefore, you must keep your immune system healthy. For that, make sure that you are eating your immunity-boosting supplements and drinks. You should also stay as hydrated as you can in these tough times and take special care of your hygiene.