JULY 3rd Hours: 8am to 6pm
July 4th Hours: 8am to 4pm

We are offering walk-in Rapid COVID-19 Antigen and Rapid PCR Testing at our Beverly clinic – No appointment needed. Online registration is still recommended (please follow all steps and upload insurance information/photo ID).  We are also seeing patients for general urgent care needs and following the strictest protocols for patient safety.


What are the Benefits of a Walk-in Clinic?

Walk-in clinics and urgent care centers have begun popping up everywhere you look. The sudden increase in the number of these walk-in clinics leaves many people wondering what the benefit really is. Check out all of these benefits of a walk-in clinic before you make your next long and expensive trip to the emergency room!

Opening up room in the Emergency Room

Emergency rooms are notoriously overcrowded. This is because many people go to the emergency room for things that aren’t actually an emergency. When that happens, wait times end up being longer than necessary and treatment for patients who really need it becomes delayed. A walk-in clinic is able to take on those non-emergent patients to help unclog the emergency room and leave space for patients who really need it.

Lower Cost

Walk-in clinics are much more affordable than a trip to the emergency room. If you find a walk-in clinic that accepts your insurance, you should only have to pay the copay and a small portion for whatever treatment you receive. In an emergency room setting you should expect a much higher co-pay and a larger hospital bill after your visit.

Great Care

Walk-in clinics are filled with experienced staff, from doctors to nurses. The staff is dedicated to offering wonderful care that makes people want to keep coming back! Many urgent cares have doctors on staff that used to work in an emergency room or private practice setting. Choosing a walk-in clinic does not mean you’re sacrificing the quality of care compared to what you’d find at an ER.

A Quick Trip

Walk-in clinics are designed to get patients in and out as fast as possible. At an emergency room, you may end up waiting for hours before you’re seen because more serious patients have to be seen first. Walk-in clinics function on a first come first serve basis which means you know how many people you’re waiting behind before you get seen. You’ll be diagnosed, treated, and given any scripts you may need all before you’d even make it into a room at an ER!

If saving time and money while still receiving great quality care sounds like something you want, choose an urgent care or walk-in clinic the next time you need quick treatment or care when your primary care physician isn’t available. Remember to call first to make sure the walk-in clinic you’re considering accepts your insurance!