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Sun Safety Tips for Adults

Summer is here which means trips to the pool and more time spent outside. While it feels great to soak up the warm weather, the sun could be silently damaging your skin. After just 15 minutes of exposure, the UV rays have already begun damaging your skin.

While you may try and educate your younger children about sun safety tips, it also helps for adults and parents to get a quick reminder about sun safety skills. Luckily, there are plenty of steps you can take to protect yourself against the harmful sun rays.

Here are some of the ways that families can keep themselves safe during the summer and prevent harmful sunburns!

Stay Covered

When it’s hot outside the last thing on your mind is extra clothing. While a long sleeve shirt and jeans is a bit excessive, there are other ways you can keep covered. T-shirts and beach cover ups are a light and comfortable way to help protect your skin. Keep in mind that these items are less effective if they’re wet or lightly colored. Another easy way to cover yourself from the sun is with a hat. Large sun hats are ideal because they cover your face, ears, and neck from the harmful rays. Even a baseball cap offers some protection, but don’t forget to apply SPF to your ears and neck if you go that route!

Protecting your Eyes

The UV rays can damage your eyes just as badly as they can damage your skin. Extended exposure can even lead to cataract, which can require surgical intervention. Find a pair of sunglasses you love and wear them whenever you’re out in the sun! Don’t be afraid to go for a slightly larger pair – they’ll be able to protect the skin around your eyes too.


Sunscreen is the best form of protection against the sun. the higher the SPF rating, the more sun protection. You should use a minimum SPF of 15 to protect against UV rays. All areas of exposed skin should be covered with SPF before you step outside, even if it isn’t a sunny day. Bring your SPF out with you too because after two hours have passed you’ll need to reapply. Swimming, sweating, and wiping off your skin all require re-application of sunscreen. You can purchase chap stick with an SPF rating of 15 or higher to protect the fragile skin on your lips.

Overall, just try to remember that fun in the sun still needs to be safe. It takes just a few minutes to stop and apply your SPF, grab a hat, or throw on some sunglasses and your body will be thanking you for years to come!