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Hygiene and Wellness Skills for the Wintertime

You can very well expect health concerns when entering into the winter season. Experts suggest that the winter climate provides the perfect conditions for viruses. Airborne viruses generally have a longer lifespan in colder temperatures. Therefore, in winters, there is a much higher chance of catching a viral infection. According to experts, even touching a contaminated surface will lead to viral infection, especially in winters. Hence, taking care of hygiene and wellness is our best defense against winter sickness. Below are a few things that can keep you from falling sick in the wintertime.

Wash Your Hands with Soap Thoroughly

Whether you use an anti-bacterial soap or just a bar of regular soap, they both work equally fine for the prevention of sickness. However, the FDA recently banned anti-bacterial soap. According to them, using an anti-bacterial soap does not make any difference in the eradication of contaminants from the hand. Instead, it can prove to be worse in some cases.

This is because it can cause antibiotic-resistant bacteria to develop in the body. Furthermore, it may also lead to hormonal imbalances in our system. Therefore, it is ideal to use regular soap and scrub it for at least twenty seconds thoroughly to ensure viral and bacterial eradication.

Avoid Handshakes

Sadly, to avoid touching contaminated surfaces, you also have to avoid handshakes. Handshakes may as well be the toughest things to avoid. However, it is factually true that there is a very high probability to contract the virus through handshakes. This probability amplifies during cold and flu season, which is usually in the winters. Therefore, it is best to replace the old firm handshakes with fist bumps and elbow bumps.

Maintain Social Distancing

Viruses can spread through the tiny water droplets suspended in the air. Therefore, keep in mind that viruses are aerosol in winter times for a much longer time. The best countermeasure for this is to simply keep a distance. Your chances of contracting the virus greatly decrease when you maintain a distance of at least six feet from your peers. Furthermore, social distancing applies more emphatically to someone already showing symptoms of a viral infection.

We are living in vulnerable times, where a simple symptomatic allergy can lead to critical conditions. Thus, do not take viral infections lightly and make sure to contact urgent care centers for cold and flu treatments. However, if you stay on top of simple hygienic measures like the ones mentioned above, you are likely to spend the winters worry-free.