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How Workplace Flu Clinics Save Time & Money for Busineses, Employees

Flu season is right on the verge of peaking this season. The leaves are changing colors, pumpkin and apple picking is taking up weekend blocks, and families everywhere are ready to enjoy the fall festivities. But without a seasonal flu shot, patients may be too sick to partake in all the wonderful activities of the fall season! 

A local urgent care provider or walk-in clinic is a great way for patients to get immediate flu shots. For example, AFC Urgent Care Beverly and Swampscott provides flu shots for patients every day of the week so they can prevent the flu before the disease spreads rapidly in nearby communities. Sometimes however, patients may not be able to get their flu shot because of tight schedules and other priorities. Forgoing the flu shot may lead to significant time lost at work and in personal activities, since the flu takes one-two weeks to treat. 

For businesses, the impacts of workers not getting their flu shot can be extreme as losses on productivity and direct business costs. When workers are sick, they are less likely to be productive and will need days to rest. In addition, workers may still feel compelled to come in when they are sick (regardless of policies) and infect other co-workers. 

So what is a solution that helps employees can get their flu shots ASAP, but also allows employers to keep their employees productive? A workplace flu clinic is a great place to start! 

Workplace flu clinics provide an affordable and convenient way to get flu shots for employees

Employees that feel like they simply don’t have the time, and don’t want to spend the money, for a flu shot can benefit from a mobile workplace clinic! 

Workplace clinics accept all major insurance carriers, are staffed with urgent care specialists like nurse practitioners, and operate right at an office/workplace. The clinic allows an employee to get their flu shot during a simple break or whenever they have a few minutes of time! 

Instead of having to use personal days, or get others sick, employees can simply get their flu shot before the virus spreads at home or in the office. 

Flu clinics save businesses significant time and resources

A flu clinic and similar workplace clinic can be a huge time saver, morale booster, and cost cutter for businesses of all sizes. 

The flu virus is directly responsible for employees missing significant time at work, which lowers productivity to an extreme. Sometimes, the results of this can lead to lost revenue and other types of financial determinants. 

Your employees will be grateful to have a workplace flu clinic so they don’t have to worry about losing an important work-life balance. They can simply get their shot during their lunch break or at another time!