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How to Travel and Enjoy Leisure Activities in the Fall 2020 Season

Fall is a wonderful time to travel and enjoy relaxing activities after a busy summer. The weather is perfect, the scenery is gorgeous, and travel destinations aren’t usually too crowded. It’s no surprise that travel during the fall season of 2020 will look a little different compared to previous years. Afterall, has anything about 2020 been the same as previous years?

What to Expect from Travel in 2020

Popular fall travel destinations are focused on allowing tourists to enjoy the destination while keeping local residents safe. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a unique set of challenges because any time someone comes to a new place, there’s a risk that they will be exposing that community to COVID-19. Fall is also the beginning of flu season, so there’s more than one illness to be aware of.

Popular tourist groups, tours, and activities will be altered to meet the local and state COVID-19 guidelines. Socially distancing, limiting the number of people in one area, and encouraging or requiring the use of masks should be expected anywhere you plan to travel. This is a good year to make your travel plans more laid back and less jam packed with one activity after another. Be prepared for last minute changes to your schedule if an activity gets cancelled for COVID-19 related reasons, but don’t let that change ruin your fun! 

Staying safe

In the same way that tourist locations have to be aware of the risk of tourists bringing COVID-19 to their community, you have to be aware of your risk of contracting COVID-19 during your travels. Research each area you plan to visit before making the trip and avoid hotspot areas with a high number of cases.

Outdoor activities and events are ideal because it gives you the ability to keep your distance from other people and provides the best airflow. During your stay, be sure to wash your hands frequently, wear a mask, and avoid touching your face. Follow all local, state, and federal guidelines regarding COVID-19 wherever you’re traveling to. 

Before you travel this fall, visit a nearby urgent care center to get your flu vaccine. A flu vaccine is very effective at preventing the flu and gives you one less thing to worry about during your trip! For detailed information on each area you intend to visit, contact their local health department.