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How to Schedule, Plan Sport and Camp Physicals

The spring and summer bring in nicer weather and more outdoor fun for you and your children. That also means it is time for you to get your child and updated sport and camp physical for any upcoming activities!

Sport and camp physicals are necessary for many children to partake in recreational events. Most school districts require parents to get an updated sport physical before playing on school-sanctioned teams. Additionally, a majority of local summer camps also require children to get an updated physical.

On top of the general participation requirements for children a sport or camp physical is important to your child’s health for a variety of reasons:

  1. Physical exams help medical professionals, coaches, and athletic departments determine if your child is healthy enough to participate in sports.
  2. A physical can also identify any emerging or developing medical situations your child may have.
  3. Routine physicals are separate from sports and camp physicals, which could identify any new medical ailments after a visit from your PCP.
  4. Physicals help camp staff, trainers and other recreational personnel know about non-physical health ailments such as allergies and similar conditions.

Sport and camp physicals are critical to keep children healthy and avoid possible medical emergencies during summer camp or a sporting event. But what should you do to schedule, plan, and complete your child’s physical in time for recreational activities?

Bring your child to a local medical provider and have their health information ready

A sports or camp physical is usually done on an appointment basis so parents may want to plan a specific day for the physical.

Give your child’s school a proper notice before taking them out of school for the physical. However, it may help to schedule an appointment on the weekend to keep your child from missing school.

A great resource for completing sport and camp physicals include local walk-in clinics and urgent care centers that provide medical services in a few minutes. Walk-in clinic access allows a patient to get their child a physical without having to wait a few days for an appointment with their PCP.

Additionally, the physical exam usually requires reviewing your child’s medical history. This process goes much smoother when parents can provide medical staff with any health information or updates since their child’s previous doctor’s visit.

Visit a nearby walk-in clinic for sport and camp physical like AFC Urgent Care Beverly

Parents that need to get sport and camp physicals for their patients ASAP should consider going to AFC Beverly for their child’s exam.

Unlike traditional medical facilities, our walk-in clinic in Beverly allows parents to get physicals without the need for an appointment, complete physicals in minutes, and offer exams at affordable rates. Parents just need to visit 50 Dodge Street in Beverly, MA for same-day sport and camp physicals.

So remember: find a day/time that works best to bring your child, have your child’s health info ready, and visit AFC Beverly to get an updated sport/camp physical. The sooner you get their physical, the quicker they get to enjoy the summer weather!