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Healthy Summer Activities that Have Low COVID-19 Risks

Summer is the season of fun outdoor activities, beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures, and a time when families enroll their kids in summer programs to keep them busy during the school break. However, this summer around, COVID-19 is the big factor that requires you to think about how you go about spending the summer. As the spread of COVID-19 slows in many states and places of leisure have gradually reopened following weeks of stay-at-home orders, many patients are eager to head outside and regain a sense of normalcy to their lives. How do you enjoy your summer and minimize the risk of contracting the coronavirus? 

Enjoying Summer Outdoor Activities Come at a Risk

Don’t buy into the notion that the warm summer weather will prevent you from catching the coronavirus. Summer temperatures will not eliminate the pandemic. According to a cohort study published May 8, 2020 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, which analyzed the spread of the coronavirus on a global level, it was found that temperatures were not associated with the growth of COVID-19. However, the study further concluded that only public health interventions were consistently associated with a reduction in the spread of the coronavirus. Even as COVID-19 cases slow down, and the summer comes into full swing, keep in mind that you cannot eliminate the risk of contracting the coronavirus, but you can decrease it. Personal responsibility will play a huge role in minimizing the risk of contraction, as well as developing an awareness of how the virus is transmitted. How much risk is linked to common summer activities? How can you participate in and enjoy these activities in a safer manner and not get sick?

Summer Activities with Low Covid-19 Risk

There are a few ways to limit the spread of COVID-19 as you enjoy the sunny weather, and you can begin by choosing activities with low COVID-19 risk. Keep in mind that the virus is primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets exhaled and it’s spread through close proximity with someone infected. 

  • Pools and Beaches: While pools and beaches have the potential to carry a low risk, it is dependent on the environment outside the pool and the practices of others in the same space. Are patrons practicing social distancing and wearing face masks? It’s best to avoid the pool and beach on the weekend when it can be overly crowded and prove difficult to maintain a minimum of 6-foot social distance.
  • Hiking and Camping: These two activities could be placed in the low-risk category if patrons practice to maintain a safe distance from others and wear their face mask when they go on a trail. There may be some isolation with hiking and camping depending on location which creates a lower-risk scenario.
  • Outdoor Sports: While there are many outdoor sports to avoid, singles tennis and golf can allow you to easily avoid physical contact and  maintain a 6-foot distance, making them a great low-risk option.
  • Backyard Barbecues: The fewer people you have for a backyard barbeque the lower the risk of getting sick. If it’s possible, separate into smaller units for a gathering and limit or avoid physical interaction altogether. 

Still Have Questions/Concerns

There’s no such thing as being too informed, and with so much misinformation out there, you want to arm yourself with accurate information regarding COVID-19. If you have any other questions about COVID-19, or need testing, contact a local urgent care center! If you feel like you are experiencing symptoms associated with the coranirus, don’t hesitate in getting tested.  Call ahead before visiting the doctor and limit physical contact with others. You should make your safety and that of others a priority this summer as you have fun amidst COVID-19.

Your summer doesn’t have to be a bust. You have to be responsible and continue to take the recommended, including practicing social distancing, hand-washing, and using face masks to minimize the risk of contracting the coronavirus.