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Flu Shots

Get you Annual Flu Shot at AFC Urgent Care Beverly

Influenza, or more commonly known as the flu, is a major illness that affects a significant portion of Americans each year. As a result, AFC Urgent Care Beverly recommends everyone 6 months of age or older receive a flu shot every year. 

The flu shot is the most effective way to prevent against each year’s influenza strain. The flu adapts and changes from year-to-year, which means that you’ll need to get the vaccine a year from your previous flu shot. 

Don’t hesitate to get a flu shot by visiting AFC Urgent Care Beverly! We can provide patients with walk-in clinic access so you can get your shot before the start of flu season. 

How does the flu shot work?

The flu shot vaccination uses a little bit of the most recent influenza strain to help your body build a natural immunity to the disease. Once your body is able to build immunity to the yearly flu virus, then you’ll be protected for the majority of the flu season. This means that the sooner you get your flu shot, the less likely you’ll get sick throughout the year. 

Side effects from the flu shot may occur, however it is a myth that a patient will catch the flu from a flu shot. If side effects do occur they are typically between a few minutes to a few hours of receiving the shot, & may include soreness/swelling in the arm that was given the shot, or cold-like symptoms. It is extremely important to remember the benefits of getting a flu shot outweigh the risk of the potential side effects. 

How can I get my flu shot at a local urgent care center?

The flu shot vaccination is usually covered by insurance plans & AFC Urgent Care is able to offer affordable rates for those without insurance. Anyone is able to walk-in to our center, no appointment needed! If you have any questions please contact us at 978-922-2171 or stop by our office located at 50 Dodge Street in Beverly, MA.

If you need directions, please use the buttons and the map below to find our urgent care center as quickly as possible!