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End of Summer Appointments for You and Your Family

Summertime is almost over which means you’ll want to make sure that you and your family are healthy and ready to take on the upcoming autumn season. Fall is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy the brisk outdoors as the school year starts. 

However, many families and patients could get sick if they aren’t ready for the fall and other seasonal illnesses that require treatment. Fall is usually the start of flu season and fall sports and other physical activities may present injury risks for patients of all ages. Additionally, most patients may need updated physicals and preventive exams before beginning certain seasonal activities during fall. 

So how can families begin to prepare for the fall through end-of-summer healthcare appointments and treatments? 

Get your child an updated sport physical and back-to-school physical as soon as you can

Summer winds down pretty fast and soon it could be time to enroll your child back to school! To ensure that your child is ready to begin the new year with minimal delays, make sure your get their back-to-school physical completed ASAP! 

A back-to-school physical ensures that teachers, nurses, and other educational staff at your child’s school have all the available information necessary to keep them healthy while at school. The physical also helps to limit the spread of communicable diseases by reviewing vaccination history, current medical status, and other key health factors for your child. 

Additionally, a sports physical is necessary to ensure that your child is healthy enough to participate in recreational activities including school sports, competitive events, and other youth athletics. The easiest way to get your child an updated school and sports physical is to visit urgent care. 

Get any check-ups or pre-employment exams if you’re starting a new job!

A large number of employees in the United States rely on pre-employment physicals to begin certain jobs and maintain their employment status. Make sure that you schedule your necessary employment physical well in advance in order to limit major barriers to your job/career. 

Most patients can get their pre-employment physicals easily completed at an urgent care center or similar facility. However, the benefits of urgent care include walk-in clinic access where patients can complete their physical on the same day as their visit! 

Get your flu shot as soon as you can!

One of the most important medical appointments that families should get right before the end of summer is their flu shot. 

Influenza spreads as early as September and flu season can last until the end of March in extreme cases. In addition, the flu adapts and changes each year which means patients need to get a flu shot every year in order to protect themselves. If you need a flu shot ASAP don’t hesitate: visit AFC Urgent Care Beverly whenever you have time!