We are offering walk-in Rapid COVID-19 Antigen and Rapid PCR Testing at our Beverly clinic – No appointment needed. Online registration is still recommended (please follow all steps and upload insurance information/photo ID).  We are also seeing patients for general urgent care needs and following the strictest protocols for patient safety.


Digital X-Rays Services in Beverly MA

Digital X-Ray Imaging Services in Beverly MA

AFC Urgent Care Clinic in Beverly offers X-Ray imaging services for patients near Beverly, Danvers, Peabody, Salem, Wenham and surrounding areas. We have invested in state of the art Digital X-Ray equipment to better serve patients. Digital X-Rays not only provide superior image quality (more shades and contrast) but also require less x-ray radiation for imaging. More importantly, digital X-Rays ensure that your results are captured and read by a physician in a matter of minutes. They can even be digitally forwarded to your family doctor or orthopedist in case your injury requires specialized treatment.

Our urgent care clinic has X-Ray technicians on staff to ensure that you get the highest level of care without paying emergency-room prices for something as simple as an X-Ray. We also have certified nurses to ensure that any injuries for which an X-Ray is required (fractures, sprains, dislocations etc.) are taken care of without further inconvenience to the patient.

We accept most insurance plans and offer very affordable self-pay prices to patients without insurance. Call or visit our clinic today! You don’t need a prior appointment and can simply walk in to get treatment for your injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions about our X-Ray Imaging Services

Are X-Rays Safe?

X-Rays were discovered in 1895 and after more than a century later, they are one the most widely performed medical test. They are generally considered safe, even for children. Regardless of the long and tested safety record, X-Ray technicians always take precautions to ensure parts of the body that do not need to be imaged are not exposed to X-Rays and the minimum required radiation is used for the test. Pregnant women or those who may be pregnant are also given special protective gear before X-Rays are performed.

What are X-Rays Used For?

Most people associate X-Rays with broken bones and fractures but there are other situations where X-Rays can be used. For example, Chest X-Rays are routinely used to diagnose (or rule out) pneumonia and tuberculosis. Similarly, stomach X-Rays can be used to identify bowel blockages.

Does Insurance Cover X-Rays?

Yes, most plans do cover X-Rays if a physician determines them to be medically necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. If you don’t have an insurance plan, we also offer reasonable out of pocket rates for our services.

Can Urgent Care Clinics and Minute Clinics do X-Rays?

Most minute clinics are not capable of performing X-Rays. The equipment requires specially trained technicians and most minute clinics do not have the staff nor the equipment to do X-Rays. Urgent Care Clinics (such as ours) often have the equipment and manpower to perform these tests and take curative actions based on the results.

Have other questions or concerns? Feel free to give us a call at 978-922-2171. We’re here to help!