We are offering walk-in Rapid COVID-19 Antigen and Rapid PCR Testing at our Beverly clinic – No appointment needed. Online registration is still recommended (please follow all steps and upload insurance information/photo ID).  We are also seeing patients for general urgent care needs and following the strictest protocols for patient safety.


Back to school vaccinations



In the early stages of children’s lives, they need to be protected from everything & it is up to the parents to provide it. When they sit in a car you put on their seatbelts, when they ride a bike you put on their helmets & when they go back to school it is up to you, to make sure they get their vaccinations.

A vaccination is a very important part of protecting your child from many diseases. Many people believe since we do not hear about old diseases such as; Small Pox, Pollio Guinea does not mean that they are not out there anymore. Giving your child a vaccine could save their life.  Vaccines are very safe & effective, side effects are common; these might include, a cough, fever, redness & swelling. However, this is only the response of the body working & preparing itself for the disease.

A vaccination isn’t just for your child. Giving your child a vaccine is also protecting the other your child will be around such as; school teacher, other students as well as the whole family. When you give your children a vaccine you are also preparing your future generations out as well. The more generations with vaccines the higher percentage the next generation will be born already immune to some diseases.

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