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5 things to look out for on move-in day

It is a very exciting time of the year for incoming college freshmen. Move-in day is very hectic, emotional & will be a day the whole family will remember forever. Make sure you don’t remember this day because of an injury you got that day!   Take these tips to help you make sure you stay safe on your child’s big move-in day.

1. Pack the car carefully

When moving your child from home to a dorm away at school, most people pack the car up to the brim! This is normal however pack the car with the thought in mind that you have to take all these objects out when you get there! Having heavy objects randomly assorted in the car puts them at risk for falling when you open the trunk again. This could result in objects falling on you or a loved one!

2. Check the Dorm room furniture

As much as we would like to believe that the dorms will be perfect; there is a chance something can be wrong with the furniture! Unless you are moving your child into an all-new dorm, most likely your child’s room has been used before they moved in the previous year. The furniture may be ready to break or have sharp objects sticking out. This could result in puncture wounds or objects falling on you.

3. Don’t lift heavy objects alone

Move-in day is a very long process & some of us are “one trip” kind of people. Please take your time unpacking & picking up heavy objects! Heavy Furniture objects are not balanced in weight. If picking them up, you can be thrown off balance & take a nasty fall giving yourself cuts & bruises. Always have someone help you out with lifting these objects to avoid injury.

4. Prepare yourself physically

When preparing for any move. you have to physically prepare your body. Moving in is a work out especially moving things into a dorm room. Remeber to drink plenty of water during the move as well as have a good breakfast to give your body some energy! If fatigue & tired during the move you can give your body injuries from stress & fatigue.

5. Be patient

You only move your child into college for the first time once! Relax & try to enjoy the experience! This is the beginning of the start of your child’s adult life. We hope these tips will help you on your move-in day. Good Luck!